2 comments on “MOVE UPSTREAM — Build Families NOT Boxes

  1. Reblogged this on Stacy Wilson: UB Social Work Student in the Field and commented:
    The Baby Box

    A film called The Drop Box is being released in theaters this week in the United States. According to thedropboxfilm.com, “the drop box is a warm bin, lodged in a wall, that allows mothers to deposit their children without being seen.” This baby box has been attached to a church in Korea since 2009.

    As ASK-LA puts it, “despite the good intentions of the Baby Box, it ultimately encourages illegal abandonments, separates unwed mothers from their children, and creates a population of “orphans” who will never have access to their personal and medical histories. Moreover, the rationale behind the Baby Box inaccurately conveys the idea that unwed mothers have only two options: killing their babies or anonymously abandoning them in the Baby Box.”

    What if instead of creating boxes that encourage illegal, anonymous abandonment of children, there were social and economic support programs that work to keep families together?

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